Terms & Conditions – Continued

The following condition has been placed on a separate page so it may be displayed easily to the customer when applicable the promotion period.

14. Repeat Customer Review Promotion

Maria’s Marvellous Cakes (MMC) may offer a discount to repeat customers who have posted an MMC Google review (not Facebook or other social media service) on or before making final payment on an order, i.e. it is possible a repeat customer may become aware of the promotion, create a Google review, and then notify MMC before making final payment.

The content and rating of the Google review must be entirely the customer’s own opinion. A 10% discount up to a maximum of $40 may be provided if the review is textual only, or 15% up to a maximum of $50, if it additional contains a picture of the ordered cake. The picture must be owned by the customer, and not one published by MMC.

The promotion is applicable if at the time a customer places an order, the promotion is stated on the MMC website or FB page, or stated on the order confirmation form, or verbally advised by Maria during consultation. The promotion may be withdrawn at any time, but the discount will be honored if Maria confirms eligibility of the discount, before or at final order payment.

It is the customer’s responsibility to advise MMC prior to final payment, that they are aware the promotion is active, and they have posted a Google review. MMC will then check to verify the claim, and respond back to the customer. A customer may be a repeat customer many times and claim each time if the promotion is active.

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