Pricing Guide

The following price guide is a starting point to give you an idea of our pricing and to assist you with event planning and budget.

Cakes come in all shapes and sizes and the pricing will vary depending on the size of the cake, complexity and additional elements.  The prices below are the average spend for our cakes.  As our cake prices are determined on a cake by cake basis, please use the Quote Request form to provide us with your requirements.

All of our cakes are baked to order, using quality ingredients.  One thing to keep in mind is that even a small/simple cake will require at least 5-6 hours of work to get it to its amazing finished look.

Single tier round cakes (to feed approximately 20-25 people and with simple fondant and/or buttercream decorations):

  • Sponge, buttercream, buttercream exterior – $150-$250
  • Sponge, buttercream, fondant exterior – $190-$300
  • Mud, ganache, buttercream exterior – $190-$270
  • Mud, ganache, fondant exterior – $220-$320

Two tier round cakes start from $250.  Pricing varies depending on the shape of the tiers, size of the tiers, cake and filling flavour (mud and ganache will cost more than sponge and buttercream and a fondant finish will cost more than a buttercream finish).  The average spend is $300-$400.

Please note that square cakes and extended height cakes will cost more than regular round cakes.  Not only do they serve more people, but they require more time and skill to create perfect edges and to ensure that they remain structurally sound.

Wedding cakes:  Pricing varies depending on the number of tiers, shape of the tiers, size of the tiers, cake and filling flavour, the finish of the cake (for example:  buttercream, fondant ruffles), the number of flowers required and the design of the cake topper.  We do not charge a premium because they are wedding cakes.  The average spend is between $350-$650+.

Novelty and sculpted cakes start from $280.  The average spend is between $350-$480+.

Number or Letter cakes (to feed approximately 20 people per letter/number) start from $205.  The average spend for two number/letters is between $280-$320.

Hand crafted and sculpted cake toppers:  Pricing varies considerably depending on the design.  As an example, the average spend on:

  • a simple animal/object is between $40-$60;
  • a basic human figure is approximately $100-$150 depending upon complexity;
  • Bride/groom toppers start from $280 a pair.

Sugar flowers:  Pricing varies considerably depending on the size and complexity of the flower.  As a guide, pricing for roses generally ranges from $5-$20 a flower. 

Cupcakes:  Our standard buttercream swirl sponge cupcakes are  6 for $35, 12 for $45, and 24 for $80. Click here to order standard cupcakes using the Cupcakes Order Form.

Cupcakes with fondant toppers are $60+ depending on the complexity of the topper.
In this case, send an email to with the quantity required, a description of the cupcake topper, or ideally an inspirational pic.

Repeat Customer Review Promotion: Are you a repeat customer? If yes, then you maybe eligible for a 10% to 15% discount if you meet the conditions of our review promotion.

Delivery:  Delivery may be available at an additional cost. The price and availability is dependent upon the date and location and will be determined when delivery is requested. 

Credit Card Payment: The cost of the Merchant Credit Card Fee of 2.25% is on-charged to you if this payment method is applied (Direct Debit incurs no charge but will not be accepted in the last seven day period prior to the cake due date).