Maria’s Concord Kitchen

Maria’s kitchen is located at 4 Nicholas Ave, Concord, Sydney, Australia.

This is not a shop stocked with cakes. Each cake or batch of cupcakes are baked and decorated to our customer’s order requirements. Pickup of an order from this address is only after prior agreement on a specific date and time frame. Enquiries on pricing to meet your requirement should be made via our Quote Request form. Please check our Pricing Guide first.

Maria’s Marvellous Cakes on Google Maps (click here to open)

Food Safety Supervisor & COVID Certification

The Food Act 2003 requires that NSW food businesses  who process and sell food (prepare and serve) have at least one Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). A Food Safety Supervisor is a person who works at a food business that has undergone formal training as outlined by the NSW Food Authority. The role of a FSS is to prevent individuals from becoming ill from food poisoning as a result of incorrect handling and preparation of food. Click here for Maria’s FSS certificate part 1 and FSS certificate part 2.

Furthermore, the Food Act 2003 requires food business to notify their Council and keep the certificates on premise. The City of Canada Bay routinely inspects food businesses to ensure that they comply with the legislation.

Maria has also completed the NSW Food Authority COVID-19 Awareness For Food Service course.

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